I publish a pretty steady stream of essays, commentaries, articles, fiction, stories and features in a wide variety of journals and magazines worldwide. Pretty much of all of it you can find on-line. I’ll post what I can here.

Here are a couple of recent pieces:

Did the Olympics Make Vancouver a Better City? This was a ‘cover’ story for the Tyee, a three-part series of conversations with Lance Berelowitz:

Thicker Than Water: Matt Hern Unbottles the Fresh Water Future. This was a cover story for the Vancouver Review:

Ready to Rumble. This was a feature  for Vancouver Magazine looking at the arrival of the UFC to our fair shores and how it challenges our scrubbed clean investor friendly city.

No Recipe for Funk: Matt Hern Asks How A City Gets Some Flavour was feature piece in The Vancouver Review: The Globe and Mail Featured the article as its Read of the Week.
Read the review.
Read the first couple of pages.

The ‘Healing’ of Stanley Park and the Culture of Nature was published in three parts in Re: Place magazine and is available on-line at:

Matt Hern