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Hey check this. Isaac, Aklilu, Josiane and I are building out this new project called 2+10 Industries to launch in Surrey in 2016. It’s getting a fantastic reception and we’re really enthusiastic about its prospects. Have a look at our website: for lots more, but here’s the basic description:


2+10 Industries is building a creative production business (apparel, events, video, graphic design) with gang-engaged and gang-susceptible youth aged 19-26. With the support of mentors, advisors and community partners it will emerge as a self-sustaining worker-owned co-operative business: an exit for gang-involved/at-risk youth, and a community creative hub.

The project will initially draw together 8-10 primarily refugee and immigrant youth from Surrey to work alongside four staff mentors to collaboratively develop a co-operative business focused on creative production. The project is explicitly designed as a gang-mitigation and community-safety initiative and will hire the youth full-time at a competitive wage with high expectations of performance and collaboration.

The 2+10 team will work together for a full calendar year to incrementally and iteratively develop a business model, including personal and team skill-building, market research, organizational development, leadership training and all aspects of launching a business nested within social economy principles. As the business develops it will turn into full-time employment for the youth, and the mentors will gradually pull back their engagement to seed idea elsewhere in other Metro boroughs or further afield.

As the project develops it will become a community hub for other kinds of creative collaborations, including youth workshops, events, and neighbourhood gatherings, seeking to build social and community capital as an explicit antidote to gang lures.

Matt Hern