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A New Deschooling Reader

After Deschooling Our Lives sold out and went out of print a couple of years ago, AK Press picked the book up and published a greatly revised version in 2008. I was happy to edit it and I think it remains really useful in a lot of ways.

It is called Everywhere, All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader and is greatly expanded and improved. It still features a pile of classic writing from Tolstoy, Illich, Holt and Bhave, more recent analysis from folks like Grace Llewellyn, Satish Kumar and John Gatto and stories from Sudbury Valley, Summerhill and the Albany Free School; but there is now a lot more added.

There are great essays from Emma Goldman, Tagore, Gustavo Esteva, Madhu Prakash, and Pat Farenga; stories from unschooled kids, reports from places like the Pedro Albizu Puerto Rican High School in Chicago, a bunch of terrific photos, stories from projects in Israel, Turkey, Thailand, India and Mali, and lots more.

It is a lot better and more comprehensive collection than D.O.L, and should be inspiring and engaging for people whether they are already familiar with deschooling ideas, are looking to get a grasp of the range of unschooling and alternative-to-school thinking, or want to read about some great projects from around the world.

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