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What a City is For: Remaking the Politics of Displacement (MIT Press, 2016)

Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: A Tar Sands Tale (MIT Press, Feb. 2018) Written with Am Johal and Joe Sacco.

On This Patch of Grass: City Parks On Occupied Land. (Fernwood Press, Jan 2019) Written with Selena, Sadie and Daisy Couture with Denise Ferreira da Silva, Glen Coulthard and Erick Villagomez


One Game at a Time (AK Press, 2013)

Stay Solid: A Radical Handbook for Youth (AK Press, 2013)

Common Ground in a Liquid City (AK Press, 2010)

Everywhere, All the Time (AK Press, 2008)

Watch Yourself (New Star, 2007)

Field Day (New Star, 2003)


I have two current major writing/research projects underway these days:

The first is trying to think about urban peripheralization in new ways and with new vocabularies. This book is called Outside  the Outside, and will be out with Verso shortly.  

The second is a new book Am and I are working on about alternatives to nationalism, community and fascisms, something of a follow-up to Sweetness. It is called O Friends, There Are No Friends and it will be out in 2023.  


I publish a pretty steady stream of essays, commentaries, articles, fiction, stories and features in a wide variety of journals and magazines worldwide. Here are a few recent ones:

Here is a 2022 piece for Noema Magazine with Glen Coulthard about flags. 

This is a 2021 article with Am Johal for Noema about wildfires and the possibilities of friendship with the other-than-human world. 

Here is an October 2018 piece in The Guardian about global warming, wildfires and smugness

This is a January 2018 story in The Baffler called The Mountain of Everything Keeps On Giving about a mine and two little towns in the Yukon

This is a July 2017 piece in the ROAR issue 'The city rises'

In July 2017 I contributed to an on-line symposium on displacement sponsored by MIT's Displacement Research And Action Network (DRAN) called New Directions in Displacement Research

This is a very brief response to the 2017 BC election in Canadian Dimension.

This is me in the Georgia Straight assaulting the insidiously dangerous idea that 'foreigners' are responsible for Vancouver's housing crises: Part One and Part Two

Did the Olympics Make Vancouver a Better City? This was a ‘cover’ story for the Tyee.

Thicker Than Water: Matt Hern Unbottles the Fresh Water Future. This was a cover story for the Vancouver Review.

Ready to Rumble. This was a feature  for Vancouver Magazine looking at the arrival of the UFC to our fair shores and how it challenges our scrubbed clean investor friendly city.

No Recipe for Funk: Matt Hern Asks How A City Gets Some Flavour was feature piece in The Vancouver Review: The Globe and Mail Featured the article as its Read of the Week. Read the reviewRead the first couple of pages.

The ‘Healing’ of Stanley Park and the Culture of Nature was published in three parts in Re: Place magazine.


This is profile and review of What a City is For titled 'East Vancouver Scholar Matt Hern Highlights Bigger Issues Underlying Gentrification'

Here's another review of What

An interview about What a City is For is here (tune in at 51:30)

An interview about the origins of Car Free Days:

A talk about displacement at SCARP:

In conversation with Elizabeth Spavento about sports in Drain Magazine - here

A Feature about me in Vancouver Magazine:
Citizen Hern

A talk about cities with

YouTube of me talking about Car-Free Vancouver Day

Two videos of me speaking at the AERO conference in Albany, NY:

 (2008 talk)

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