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For the last two and half decades I've been instigating, running, shepherding and participating in a variety of community organizing efforts. These projects are the foundation for all the rest of my teaching, writing and thinking

Currently I am co-directing Solid State Community Industries a centre in Surrey BC that builds worker co-ops with youth from 'newcomer' families. Past projects include: The Purple Thistle Centre, an arts and activism centre for low-income youth that I founded with some teen pals and directed for a decade; Car Free Vancouver,  a day of celebratory resistance to car-culture that draws a quarter-million people annually into the streets; The East Van-Fort Good Hope Youth Exchange Program that connected Indigenous youth from an isolated northern community with non-native East Van kids; Groundswell: Grassroots Economic Alternatives an alternative economy incubator; there are lots of other projects - a community school for elementary-aged kids, many month-long teen trips, community potlucks, building community gardens on industrial land etc. - ask me sometime and I'll be happy to beak off about them.


I tour and lecture pretty much year-round. I typically speak about ecological theory and organizing, radical urbanism, resistance to displacements, democratic education and/or community economic development. I always have three or four talks ready to go, and am usually willing to design something new for a specific situation. To book me just drop me a line and I am happy to consider most anything. I talk to community groups, municipalities, schools, bookstores, planning departments, schools, colleges and universities, give public lectures, double them up with workshops, organize day-long events – let me know what you have in mind and I can tell you whats worked well in the past. I charge on a sliding scale and am always glad to make good money but am kind of negotiating softie.
I also work with a number of groups  around the world on urbanist and social space projects : existing or proposed community centres, schools, youth centres, colleges, institutes, co-ops, squats, libraries, and public spaces of all kinds. I am happy to consult, share ideas, strategize or help out when/how I can, usually in person, but sometimes over distance. I charge as per above for this kind of work.


I have taught at various universities and in various departments (all grad schools) for a long time now. These are three departments I have had a long-standing relationship with and remain fond of: SFU Urban Studies, SCARP at UBC, and CBU's MBA in Community Economic Development.