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Selena and I have been running trips/adventures for kids since 1992.  They have taken all kinds of forms but the basic idea has been to gather 20-25 kids, a few small children and three adults and get out on the road for a month or more. The teens have to do all their own shopping, cooking, tenting and cleaning. The adults are there to drive, advise, supervise and surmise, but really the trips are long, traveling explorations into self-reliance, both individual and collaborative.

Teen Trips have included Death Valley, Montana, Alberta, Idaho,  Utah, Saskatchewan and further. I’m not sure when the next one will be, as the Teen Trips have largely turned into the Fort Good Hope Exchanges (see that post), but suffice to say I think that traveling in big groups and looking for adventure is perhaps the most fun I have had with kids. I think that getting everyone out into the world, having to take care of themselves and each other, is about as good and useful a time as you can have with kids. These trips have really informed a whole lot about what I think about ‘education’, learning and what it means to grow up well.

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